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Fiance Visa Attorney Services

Fiancé Visa Basics

a married couple who have gotten a k-1 visa or Fiancé Visa

What is A Fiancé Visa?

A Fiancé Visa (officially known as a K-1 Visa or Fiance Visa) is a non-immigrant visa that allows the foreign fiancé of a United States Citizen to enter the United States for the sole purpose of getting married. They are generally considered the quickest way to legally bring a foreign fiancé to the U.S. with the intention of marriage and immigration. There are a few requirements and steps you should know before applying, however, an experienced fiance visa attorney can work with you throughout the process and ensure you get your Fiance Visa as soon as possible.

Fiancé Visa Requirements

Generally, to qualify for a K-1 Visa petition filing and the eventual issuance of the K1 Visa:

The petitioner must be a U.S. Citizen.

Non-U.S. citizens are ineligible to petition on behalf of their foreign fiancees for a K-1 Visa. If you are a Legal Permanent Resident (Green Card holder) or a U.S. Citizen that is already married, please click here for more information on how to bring a foreign spouse to the United States: Spouse Visas;

Both parties must be free and able to marry.

This means any prior marriages have been terminated by annulment, divorce or death. Both parties must also be of legal age to marry or meet specific state law exceptions. 

The petitioner is limited to the number of times they may file an I-129F petition.

A U.S. Citizen may only file one k1 petition (also known as the I-129F petition) within any two year period and is limited to a total of two I-129F petition filings in their lifetime, unless a waiver is granted;

The “bonafides” or authenticity of the relationship must be properly documented and demonstrated.

Items demonstrating this may include, but are not limited to, photos of the couple together and with friends and family members, communications, travel evidence, engagement or wedding plans, etc.

The couple must have met at least once in-person within two years prior to the K-1 Visa petition filing.

At least one in-person meeting between the couple must take place within two years prior to the filing. While there are in-person meeting waivers granted by the USCIS, they are extremely difficult to obtain and must meet very strict requirements.

The couple must express their intentions to marry each other.

Each partner must sign a document affirming their intent to marry within 90 days of the foreign fiancé's arrival in the U.S.;

No arrests or convictions for specific crimes.

The U.S. Citizen and / or fiancee can’t have specific types of crimes on their records (including ones “expunged” or where they are told the record “no longer exists”) that could render them ineligible to petition or to apply for the K1 Visa; 

The petitioners must meet a minimum level of income.

The U.S. Citizen sponsor must meet statutory income requirements based upon their personal income on recent tax returns equaling at least 125% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines. They may also use certain assets to offset any deficiencies in income. A joint sponsor may be used as well if the sponsor cannot meet this requirement on their own.

What Are The Necessary Steps To Get A Fiance Visa?

There are two major steps to get a K-1 Visa for the United States:

1. I-129F Petition Filing at USCIS

The first step involves the filing of an I-129F Petition by the U.S. Citizen (also known as the “Petitioner”) on behalf of the foreign citizen fiancé (also known as the “Beneficiary”). This petition is filed with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

It must be sent to the appropriate USCIS mail distribution center which is currently the Dallas, Texas lockbox. Once it is received, it is forwarded to the appropriate USCIS Service Center for further processing. Currently, the vast majority of I-129F petitions are sent to and adjudicated out of the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) California Service Center.

2. US Embassy Processing and Issuance of the Fiancee Visa

Once the USCIS has approved the I-129F Petition, the second step involves the filing of the foreign K1 Visa application, which includes several forms, evidence of a bonafide relationship, a medical examination, police and security clearances, an affidavit of support, other evidence, the foreign fiancee’s interview with a consular officer and the eventual issuance of the K-1 Visa at his or her country’s U.S. Embassy or Consulate.

How Long Does A K-1 Visa Take?

In order to determine how long it takes to get a Fiancee Visa, you would simply add the estimated time it takes to get the I-129F Petition approved at the USCIS, the National Visa Center, and the estimated time to have the visa issued at the US Embassy abroad. 

You can learn more about specific times by clicking here: K-1 Visa Processing Times. With our firm's specialized expertise with Fiancé Visas, we ensure expedited preparation and processing for your case.

How A K-1 Visa Works When Issued

The foreign fiancé is free to enter the United States once a valid K-1 Visa is issued. The K1 Visa is valid for a 6 month period and good for one entry into the United States. Once the foreign fiancee enters the United States., the marriage between the U.S. Citizen and the Foreign fiancé must take place within 90 days of the foreign fiancee’s entry. 

If the foreign fiancé does not marry the U.S. Citizen within 90 days, or if he or she marries someone other than the U.S. Citizen Petitioner, the foreign fiancee must leave the United States after 90 days.

Get Expert Guidance For Your Visa Petition

Solomon Immigration Law is the oldest and largest virtual law firm in the world exclusively devoted to assisting couples through obtaining U.S. fiancee visas, spouse visas, and marriage green cards.

Navigating your visa petition process without the guidance of an experienced marriage-based immigration attorney can lead to unnecessary delays, potential pitfalls in consular processing, and even irreparable denial. With our dedicated focus on fiance visa petitions, spouse visa petitions, and green cards by marriage, backed by a wealth of experience handling over 10,000 marriage-based immigration cases, we ensure quick, seamless navigation of the intricate paperwork and procedures.

From filing all necessary documentation to providing unwavering support at every stage of the process, our specialized marriage-based law practice is committed to guiding you through your marriage-based immigration journey with expertise, professionalism, and care. Reach out today for your free initial consultation.

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My husband and I are so glad we chose Solomon Immigration Law to aid us in obtaining his green card after our marriage. Allison Feliciano worked with us via zoom, phone calls, and email to ensure we submitted everything correctly and kept us up to date on the process. She is very knowledgeable and supportive. My husband received his green card in about 6 months with no issues and all for a reasonable fee!
Very professional! Stephanie explained The whole process. Mr Solomon was awesome. Thank you so much!!
Thanks to Allison Feliciano, our application got approved without any issues, and we are very happy with their services throughout our process. I highly recommend Solomon Immigration to anyone in need of immigration services. Their expertise and commitment to their clients are truly unmatched.
Catie is the most patient kind person and extremely helpful!!! I am so glad I chose Solomon immigration Law.
Very satisfied with Solomon immigration low firm especially i want to mention Allison Felisano Allison went more and beyond to help me with all my questions and my case , always punctual and on point , always super helpful and knowledgeable, very happy with her professionalism, highly recommended the Solomon immigration low firm
If you get Catie as your Paralegal on your immigration case, your stress level definitely will decrease a 150%! Literally made the process easier to understand and she is very attentive. Thank you Catie! My fiancée and I thank you and Mr. Solomon and the rest of the Law firm for being there and efficient. Again thank you.
Very satisfied with how smoothly this process went and the legal team was great, Elisabeth Cortez follow us in every step and concerns!Recommended for others
My fiance got approved the first go around for a K1. Allison Feliciano amd the team at Solomon were great and helped every step, we could not of asked for better help.
Solomon Immigration Law is very professional and helpful people!. They give you lots of opportunities and ideas how to accomplish your requests. They provide information at your interests, Thank to them my fiance, refuge from Ukraine war is here now with me, and became my husband!!!. Thank you Michael and big thanks to Catie Camargo for her tremendous help with filling documents and and organizing my hectic paper and understanding my broken English! Thank Michael for good suggestions, providing in right time. I will be recommending this office in future and continue consulting with them for my future projects. Thank you again and continue your very needed to people work!!!Olga Kolpakova.
Excellent experience working with Tamara. She was very responsive, organized and walked us through every step of the K-1 Visa process through to acquiring the Green card. Couldn't have asked for a better team. My wife and I are very much appreciative of the effort and attention the team has shown to us. Highly recommended
Allison Feliciano and everyone at Solomon Immigration Law has been incredibly helpful! Can’t recommend enough!
Excellent!!!! Gets it done (period)!!!
Ms. Tamara and Mr. Solomon run very smooth and reliable immigration law firm. They helped with my partners spousal visa from Italy to United States. They helped navigated the complex road And I felt like we didn’t waste time since they prepared us with incredible checklists. Thank you so much!
I highly recommend Solomon Immigration Law. They are experts in this field. We had a lot of questions throughout our journey and they always had the answers. They filed all of our paperwork with Immigration and everything was approved within 4 months. We are so happy we decided to use their services!
I had the pleasure of working with Senior Paralegal Allison Feliciano at Solomon Immigration Law, and I couldn't be more impressed with her expertise and dedication. Throughout the entire process of changing my legal status, Allison was incredibly knowledgeable, helpful, and always available to answer any questions we had. My husband Greg and I, Florencia, were thrilled with the level of support and guidance she provided. Allison even went the extra mile by personally calling us to share the exciting news of my approval. I highly recommend Allison Feliciano for anyone in need of immigration legal services – she truly is a standout professional in her field.Thank You Allison and the team of Solomon LawFlorencia and Greg
Easy and quick service! They did exactly what they promised. Thank you!
Outstanding service...from start to finish!.... Allison was amazing to work with. She was so thoughtful and was always there to answer the many questions we had. thank you so much for making this process so much easier and less stressful!
Best of the best so helpful, Solomon Immigration Law got me my green card in record braking time without an interview I highly recommend Solomon Immigration Law. Thank you one million time over.
Solomon Law is professional and personally invested in helping each client dealing with their Immigration matters. Michael Solomon's diligence to work with your Immigration case is relentless. He works tirelessly to achieve success for you and your loved one to smoothly transition to legal status! He's a pit bull attorney in his determination to see his client's goals achieved! Questions? His years of legal and personal experience are without a doubt what makes him stand out as the Attorney I chose to work with me in getting my fiance into the country. He stands by you throughout your entire experience and even after if you need his assistance! If you want the Wisdom of Solomon, choose Solomon Law for your legal needs! You'll be glad you did!!
My review is based solely on my personal experience with Solomon Immigration Law services.From the beginning....... I started my search for immigration help back in 2021. In my search I came across Solomon Immigration Law and decided to make the call. My first call was with Michael Solomon, we talked for a good 25 minutes, Michael is definitely a laid-back, down to earth guy. He briefed me on immigration laws and gave me advice on what would be the best route to take for me and my wife and even told me a little about his own experience with immigration. At the end of the conversation I was convinced this was the immigration law firm I wanted helping me bring my wife home with me. After making the payment I was appointed a paralegal that was going to help me with this new chapter in my life, we were so excited and beyond happy! But due to some communications issues with three paralegals that had left the firm and/or promoted I was not aware of this fact and had lost some communication. But, it was just a small bump and within about 3 days we finally got our first notification from USCIS letting us know that they received our documents. Allison F. was there for us on everything, any questions we had, she had an answer for, she even went and contacted NVC to see what was up with our case, like a week or so later, we got an email, it was from NVC, it contained our interview date! Finally, after so much wait we finally had a date for the interview. Because of Allison I am considering staying with this firm, yes she was that good! Thank you Allison for all your help! Hope to have you as our paralegal in the near future! I highly recommend Solomon Immigration Law to anyone looking for immigration help, I've already recommended and passed on the firm's info to three people that were looking for help.
My husband and me had the pleasure of working with Solomon Law Firm's for my husband immigration case, and I can confidently say that they are one of the best immigration lawyers in the field.One of the most impressive aspects of the service was their meticulous attention to detail. They carefully reviewed all my documents, ensuring that everything was in perfect order before submission. This thoroughness was crucial in avoiding any delays or complications with my application and most of all the case took 8 months without any interview,.I highly recommend Solomon Law Firm's to anyone in need of an immigration lawyer. A big special thank you to the Paralegal Elizabeth Cortez for preparing the Documents .
I had a great experience with Solomon Immigration Law. Me and my husband worked with Allison and went through the adjustment of status process and it got approved very quickly without any complications! Can definitely recommend :)
Solomon Immigration Law was amazing to work with! All out communications as done through email (except for the initial call). They were very responsive to all our questions and concerns. I would recommend them to anyone who needs an immigration lawyer!
They were awesome. They were with us every step of the way. And even after the whole process they still help with questions that we needed answers too. I highly recommend anyone to hire them that’s trying to immigrate to the US.
Michael and his staff helped me in a case that required an extra effort and they did a great job. If I had to do it again I would certainly choose them again
I could not be happier with the legal services provided by Mr. Solomon and paralegal, Katie Carmago. It took me a couple of months to gather documents and complete the immigration packet. Katie was a stickler for detail. God bless her! Once they submitted the packet, my wife received permanent residency in just under four months. I believe their efforts are why they are so successful in their practice and I am honored to recommend them.
Very Helpful, fair pricing and gets my job done.. Finally me and my wife meet and happily married thanks to Solomon
Great Law firm supports your needs. Appreciate the service Allison's a great paralegal you won't be disappointed!
I'm so thankful for Michael Solomon and his team (Rori and Stephanie). They were extremely supportive and answered all my questions. They made filling out forms/filing for the fiancee visa (K1 visa) a very seamless process. I look forward to using them for the second part of my process and will refer them to anyone else who may be in need of an Immigration Lawyer. They know their stuff and you can't go wrong!Thanks so much again for everything. Let the wedding day countdown begin!
Exceptional service! The team guided us through the process with professionalism and expertise. Their attention to detail and personalized approach ensured that all requirements were met seamlessly. I highly recommend their services to anyone.
Having using this law firm I can say it has been the least stressful experience of dealing with the USCIS. Throughout this law firm has been easy to contact and with any RFE’s from the USCIS they will guide you through it stress free. Money well spent and I am delighted to finally be approved for my greencard.
I cannot speak highly enough of the exceptional service provided by Solomon Immigration Law throughout the entire immigration process for my fiancée from Syria and me. From the initial K1 visa application to the green card conversion after our marriage in the USA, they demonstrated unparalleled professionalism, expertise, and dedication every step of the way.Michael and Tamara (paralegal) at Solomon Immigration Law exhibited a deep understanding of the complex immigration laws and regulations, guiding us through the process with clarity and precision. They were always available to answer our questions, provide updates, and offer reassurance during what can be a stressful and uncertain time for many couples.What truly set Solomon Immigration Law apart was their personalized approach and genuine care for our case. They took the time to listen to our concerns, address any issues promptly, and ensure that we were well-prepared for each stage of the immigration journey. Their attention to detail and commitment to excellence were evident in every interaction we had with them.Thanks to the expertise and hard work of the entire team, my fiancée's visa application was processed smoothly, and the transition to obtaining a green card after our marriage was seamless.I wholeheartedly recommend Solomon Immigration Law to anyone in need of immigration legal services. Their professionalism, knowledge, and genuine concern for their clients' well-being make them a top choice for navigating the complexities of the immigration system. Thank you once again for your exceptional service and unwavering support.Special Thanks to Tamara !!!TimeLine:K1:USCIS:Apr 12, 2022We received your Form 1-129F, Petition for Alien Fiancé(e).On April 3, 2023,your request to have your case expedited, was assigned to an officer for response.On April 4, 2023,your request to have your case expedited, was completed.On April 4, 2023,We are reviewing your response to our request for additional information in support of your expedite processing request.On, Apr 5, 2023,We approved your request for expedite processing.Apr 17, 2023,Case Was Approved.NVC:June 20, 2023,The National Visa Center (NVC) recently received your immigrant visa petition from U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). Your petition is now waiting for data entry into our systems.Jul 06, 2023We forwarded your immigrant visa petition to the U.S. Embassy or Consulate on 06-JUL-2023.Embassy:Oct 11, 2023Consular Interview Date:Oct 13, 2013Visa stamped and passport delivered.Nov 4, 2023, US Arrival.Nov 21, 2023 Married.Greencard/I-485 Application:Jan 05, 2024We received your Form I-485, Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status, and sent you a receipt notice.Jan 13, 2024We scheduled you for a biometrics appointmentJan 31, 2024We are actively reviewing your Form 1-485, Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status. Our records showed nothing is outstanding at this time.Feb 24, 2024We sent a request for initial evidence for your Form 1-485, Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status.Mar 13, 2024We received your response for Form 1-485, Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status.Mar 23, 2024• Case Approved 🎉
Alison is the best amazing. Mr Solomon is awesome. Ms Jennifer who did the mock interview was fantastic. Tamara was pretty great as well. That was our team. They are a dream team for Rochelle and I. We got a go on the first try. The money was not to much. We got the best and they are worth it.
Amazing is the only word I can use
I can only say good things about this law firm. They have the whole process worked out where it’s as easy to navigate as possible. This is not an easy process and the paralegal’s have walked with me step by step the entire way. They’re always available to take calls and answer questions. I couldn’t have made this happen without them. Mr. Solomon has always been great to work with on payments if something arises. They are worth every penny and I would recommend anyone getting ready for this process to use Mr. Solomon! Special thank you to Allison and Tamara for all their hard work!!
It's an understatement how awesome the K-1 service was from Solomon Law. Completely streamlined process, eventually we got hooked up with Allison who was a rock star when it came to all the guidance and the million questions my fiance had ;) Rarely have I felt that my money was spent as well as this, my life has been highly upgraded and this group deserves a lot of the credit!
I want to Thank Michael and Tamara for all of their hard work in getting my Wife and Daughter here to the United States. Even though it took 3 years for them to get here, because of the Pandemic. But Michael and Tamara stuck with us all the way through with Everything. They were like Family. I would definitely recommend Solomon Immigration Law to all my Friends and Family!!!! 🙂🙂
This law firm is the best .Mike and Team are awesome. They will make sure all your immigration issues are taken care off..I will recommend them 110%.They know thier stuff....
We worked with Allison Feliciano, she explained us the entire process and answered all our questions. As a result, my husband green-card was approved in 7 months. They offered a really competitive price. We will use them again in the future.
Muy buena firma de abogados, atención, amabilidad, credibilidad, Muy buena atención y dedicado con su trabajo. Gracias por el asesoramiento para poder obtener mi visa. Gracias
Excelente servicio resuelven todas tus dudas por mas pequeñas que sean iniciamos mi tramite de Green card en ellos se encargaron de todo nosotros solo proporcionamos toda la que me pidieron y en 7 meses ya tenia aprovacion de Residencia. Muchas gracias
Help us out to get my wife a green card they did paper work so good that no interview was need best lawyer for immigration him an staff are great
Allison was very helpful in providing us with all the information needed to apply for the K1 visa. She was very attentive and made sure to make us feel easy during the multiple steps involved in getting the visa. Even though the process was long and stressful, she did her best to make us feel comfortable and confident that we were going to get the visa.
Very good job all round! Successfully got my applications approved!
Mr. Solomon and Ms. Cortez provided an excellent service. They always kept me informed about my K1 visa application. I was always able to get in touch with Ms. Cortez if I had any issues or questions regarding my application.
We are so greatful to finally be together the help of Solomon Immigration was awesome very caring and helpful to all our needs we thank you so very very much. And a special thanks to Tamara Vickers🥰
Honest. Efficient. Caring. Your in good hands with this firm. Catie is amazing.
My husband and I are grateful for the guidance and the help we received from Solomon and Team through our visa process from K1 to AOS. It's such a long process. They helped to apply the application, answered all of the questions and explained things clearly. They definitely worked efficiently. We are grateful and, in fact, had recommended them to a friend of ours. Overall, we had a great experience and will hire them again for future application. Thank you again Solomon and Team (especially Tamara)!
I am very grateful and impressed by Solomon Immigration Law for processing my K1 Visa, Permanent Residence, Social Security and Work Permit. I would like to thank Michael and Catie for all the help I needed for the prompt action and response to every queries on everything. I am now happily married to my wife and legally living here in the United States. Knowing how fast and prompt they process my applications, I would never hesitate to ask Solomon Immigration Law again.
I want to start of by giving a big thank you to Solomon Immigration Law. This is the biggest day of my life I would say because I just received my Green Card. Everyone in Solomon immigration Law is always helpful, very approachable and very knowledgeable about the visa and Green card process. Michael Solomon have made my case easy and he was there for my case every step of the way, even when he was on vacation. I am very grateful and happy for the services that I received from Solomon Immigration Law and I would highly recommend them to anyone seeking the same opportunity. This has been the best Immigration firm for me to work on my case and I would say there is no other one out there that is better!
Gave 100% assistance to the end. From documents needed, to the mock interview. Elizabeth Cortez, the paralegal, did a great job with explaining everything I wanted to know about. Awesome guidance and response all through the course of the filing. I recommend them for everyone looking for an immigration attorney.
Definitely would recommend Solomon immigration… and Elizabeth Cortez as paralegal any day 100% satisfaction my case got approved within six months
Solomon Immigration Law stands out as the premier law firm for immigration services in South Florida, providing an unparalleled level of expertise and commitment to their clients. My personal experience with the firm, under the guidance of Michael Solomon, has been nothing short of exceptional. His professionalism, combined with the dedicated support of the efficient and knowledgeable staff, particularly Catie Margo, has made the immigration process remarkably smooth and stress-free.Michael Solomon's adept handling of immigration matters showcases a profound understanding of the complexities involved. His expertise and personalized approach instilled confidence in me throughout the entire process. Catie Margo, a standout member of the team, demonstrated an outstanding commitment to assisting my wife and me in navigating the green card application based on marriage. Her support was invaluable, and her competence ensured a swift and successful outcome.What truly sets Solomon Immigration Law apart is their ability to expedite the green card application process, delivering results within a remarkably short timeframe. The firm's commitment to client satisfaction is evident, making them a reliable choice for anyone seeking efficient and effective immigration solutions.I wholeheartedly recommend Solomon Immigration Law to anyone in need of immigration services. The combination of Michael Solomon's expertise, Catie Margo's outstanding support, and the firm's overall commitment to excellence ensures that you will not be disappointed. Choose Solomon Immigration Law for a seamless and successful immigration experience, and rest assured that you are in the hands of true professionals dedicated to your immigration success.
I gotta say started out poorly because I couldn't get through to the lawyer paralegals team when I call in the first place then Tamara started to take all the calls and stuff start to work out like my questions being answered . Tamara was amazing thank you, IWould hire them again for a immigration case . Thank you five star .
Was quite the ride but we passed! Thanks to the team at Solomon Immigration Law including Tamara, Jennifer, Stephanie and the attorney himself for making it all happen, she’s currently on a plane to the USA!
Solomon Immigration Law made my process of applying and getting green card extremely simple and stress free. They gave me a complete list of documents and supporting evidence to acquire and worked with me to get best alternatives to the documents that I did not have in my possession. They kept me well updated throughout the process and even scheduled an after hours interview prep session after receiving a surprisingly short notice for an interview invitation. Overall I had a great experience and would definitely recommend them to everyone looking to get spousal visa.
It was great working with this team!
I am very grateful to have worked with Solomon Immigration Law. Our case was a SUCCESS! The process took a lot longer than initially anticipated, and the several times I began to get impatient, either the paralegal or attorney made themselves available to talk me through the unexpected wait times. Michael and the paralegal assigned to me, Rori, exhibited much professionalism throughout the process; and definitely have the expertise to carry the client through from A to Z. The firm's process is seamless, especially when the client submits documents to them electronically.
The staff are polite and professional. We were assisted by Maria and Rori who were very patient, easy to work with and were very attentive of our concerns. They saw us through the whole process and now we are married and in the US. The lawyer Solomon himself did the mock interview with me and gave me the confidence boost i needed to pass it. Thank you Solomon Immigration Law, will definitely recommend to anyone we know and we will come across in the future needing the legal services you offer. Highly recommended law firm.
I used Solomon Immigration Law in 2008 for my husbands K1 Visa. All the paperwork was meticulously done, and everything was well organized for our interview with the consulate.Will be utilising his services again !
We hired Michael Solomon as our immigration lawyer to help with our green card application. Michael was extremely helpful, very knowledgeable and after speaking to him we knew we had hired the right firm. Tamara was our legal who guided through all the paperwork. We had contact with Tamara throughout the process and she was fantastic!! We recently received the green card and have both Michael and Tamara to thank! We would certainly recommend Solomon immigration.
They did an excellent job for me and my husband.
Thank you so much for helping you guys been great, I was so unlucky to marry with someone who just used me for a green card. I feel the unluckiest person in the world.
I had a consultation with Michael,and words cannot describe how helpful he is. You can tell he truly cares about helping people. He works with integrity and precision as he has been practicing marriage based immigration for 19 years. In one consultation, he patiently answered all my questions empathetically, ensured my protection throughout the process and gave me assurance for what to expect. Not only are his prices fare, but he called me on a weekend. If you are looking for a fantastic lawyer who upholds exceptional standards for a fair price - Michael is your guy. Truly impressed & happy I found him.
Overall the experience was very good, we got our visa! I wish there was an option to contact someone else at the company other than our paralegal, because they don't always reply.
They articulate it well, and we’re very patient along with being knowledgeable and super informant helping us through the visa process. I can’t thank them enough. Truly a blessing.
Quick and comprehensive! Thanks for helping us navigate the green card process. Also you were very detailed in preparing us and explaining the process to us. I felt we were in good hands.
It took over 2 years, but with the help of Solomon Immigration my wife has her immigrant visa! Great job! Thank you for all your help!
Solomon Immigration law firm is hands a down a Five Star Immigration Law Firm. Words can not express the dedication & expeditiously services that Tamara.V & attorney M. Solomon provides to helping your case reach success. Tamara was always on top of any questions or problems I had concerning my K1 Visa. M. Solomon even worked on a Sunday helping us prepare for our embassy interview. All & all our projected visa date was 16 months but Solomon Immigration cut that down to 10month. Thank you 🙏🏾 guys so much. Chris.S
They did a great job with our case and everything went very smooth and better than I ever could have imagined. Extremely fast and efficient. Catie always answered the phone whenever I called and was extremely helpful. She answered every question I had and always left me feeling great that she was helping my wife and I. Highly recommended. Thank you for everything!
I recently had the privilege of working with Solomon Immigration Law for a K1 visa and I must say that my experience with them was nothing short of outstanding.At the beginning of my case, I was assigned a paralegal, who initially assisted us. However, halfway through the process, she left the company and we were introduced to Rori, who was assigned our case. Rori quickly proved to be a crucial asset. Not only was she exceptionally knowledgeable, but her friendly and approachable demeanor instantly put us at ease during an otherwise stressful time.I really appreciated the level of organization within the firm. Important documents and case details were consistently well-maintained, and it was easy for us to access information whenever we needed it. The K1 visa process is very long and complex, but the way they have everything organized makes it very easy for you to ensure that you gather all the many and various documents that you need.I highly recommend msvisalaw to anyone seeking help with this process. Having been through the process himself, you can be sure the attorney will lead you in the right direction. Having their guidance made an arduous process manageable, and I am so glad we chose an attorney over one of those other paid consultant firms.Another thing to note is that this attorney's office doesn't just take anyone. They take steps to ensure that they are helping genuine couples. So no matter how special your circumstances, if your relationship is genuine, this law firm is the best choice every time!
As an immigrant navigating the complexities of the K visa process, my experience with Solomon Immigration Law was nothing short of exceptional. From the very beginning, they treated me with the utmost care and professionalism, making me feel valued and understood throughout the entire journey.They were always considerate of my schedule and ensured that communication was streamlined, regardless of the time zone differences. This level of flexibility and understanding greatly alleviated any stress I had about the distance and time constraints.What truly stood out to me was how they went above and beyond to accommodate my unique circumstances.I worked primarily with Rori and throughout the immigration process, she displayed a genuine concern for my well-being and future prospects in the country. She made sure I fully understood each aspect of my case, (very) patiently answering all my questions and addressing any concerns I had along the way. This personalized attention and care made me feel like more than just a client; I felt like I had a dedicated advocate on my side.Moreover, the attorney, Michael Solomon, exhibited a deep understanding of the intricacies of immigration law, and he confidently navigated any challenges that arose during my case as he ensured that I was prepared for my consular interview. This expertise and knowledge brought me immense peace of mind and made me feel entirely confident on interview day.If you're an immigrant seeking legal assistance with a K visa, these guys are the real deal. I am forever grateful for their help in bringing my little family together.
Michael and Tamara helped me take care of a slightly complicated marriage visa. They helped steer me in the right direction and made sure everything was in order. I was able to get my green card approved within 8 months of our initial filing! I am beyond happy with their service.
My wife and I are so glad we chose Solomon Immigration Law to represent us through such a long and complicated process. We couldn’t imagine doing this without them!Attorney Solomon and his staff have been amazing to work with and have personally guided us through the process every step of the way! We couldn’t be happier!Don’t think about it! Just go with them! They will take great care of you!Looking forward to beginning our Post-Marriage process!Thank you guys!Adam and Julia
My husband (USC) and I (beneficiary) applied in March 2023 for spousal GC with the help of Solomon Immigration. We can’t recommend them more. The process was smooth and quick. Catie was always ready to answer our questions and Mr Solomon reviewed our case with promptness. We were lucky to receive a positive decision in about 2 months! If you work with them, you are in good hands.
Solomon Immigration's team is top-notch. Response time and knowledge was invaluable during the long K1 process. We were approved with no issues or unnecessary extra requests from USCIS or NVC. Thank you to your team!!
So easy and simple. It was almost too simple that we didn't know to believe the good news when we were approved! The cost was well worth the peace of mind and confidence knowing that we were in good and capable hands. Well worth the cost and honestly was such a stress-free experience.
Rori siempre estuvo para escucharnos y responder todas mis dudas. Me llamaba cada que le pedía y siempre recibí la información correcta con ella, me dio calma poder hablar con ella días antes de la entrevista ya que tenía algunas preguntas.
Applying for residency can be very stressful! Tamara was extremely helpful and responsive to any questions we had and guided us along the way. Our case was approved without any issues!From the beginning you feel like you’re in good hands.
I have the best experience with mr.Michael and his law firm , my fiancé got his K1 visa without no issues or any problems,Even tho I applied in middle of this Pandemic my fiancé came less then 12 months fromWhen we applied ,the law firm was so knowledgeable about the process and they are great in communicating ,anytime I needed they would respond right away.I will definitely take mr.Michael for my fiancés green card process and also I would highly recommend him to anyone who is trying to bring their loves to USAUpdate on my green card process 05/26/2023 with Mr.Michael and his team.After my husband K1 visa we trusted the team to counting with his Green Card process my husband process took only 10 months to get his green card the law firm was amazing I would highly recommend them they are very organized and commutative whenever I needed something Tamara responded really quickly and answered all my questions thank you guys for everything you did.
My wife just received green card. It took year and few months but since we submit all the document, it was very quick, less than a year. Great support by Solomon immigration office.
Solomon immigration law’s team took the time to explain the process and requirements needed for a successful outcome. Rori handled my case professionally and efficiently. I'm so very grateful to got my green card.I hardly recommend Rori for any immigration cases.Lucie
Very good experience. They were knowledgeable, professional, and reliable. Would definitely recommend! And Rori was great!
I recommend Solomon Immigration Law one hundred percent! It is a very prepared team and they are very well organized. It was easy to look for everything that was needed for the case because they explain it to you very efficiently and professionally. What amazes me the most is how fast they are, they answer any questions, they are aware of everything and when I needed to talk to them they were always available. I always felt safe and that is the most important thing. I will definitely continue doing my processes here, I am totally satisfied and happy with the results. Thank you so much!
In 2019 I hired Solomon Immigration Law to assist me with a k1-visa. From the first encounter until this very day, all the staff and Mr. Solomon have been very helpful and professional. Every time I had a question or was unsure about things that was asked during the process they were always there to assist me. Now people say, that you do not need a lawyer, and that you can do all this on your own. I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THIS AT ALL. The reason is that certain situations and request came from governments in other countries that do not apply to the requirements of the USA. This is when I found Mr. Solomon and his team was of great help and comfort. I highly recommend this agency to anyone who is looking for a lawyer who knows this business very well, including his staff. I wish Mr. Solomon and his staff much more business, success, heath and happiness in years to come. Me and my partner would like to thank you and your staff for giving us the comfort and support we needed. Thanks.
Nothing but wonderful things to say about the experience. Not only did they help us maneuver the complexities of the entire process but the process began at the height of COVID. We were both living in the Middle East at the time so throw that additional factor in the equation. Each member of the Solomon Law Team was active in our endeavor and helped with questions, concerns, and insight to make our dreams a reality. I can happily say wife is with me in the States, has received approval on her Green Card and her next stop is full citizenship. Thanks Solomon Law for everything.
Tuve mucha suerte al escoger al abogado Solomon y su equipo para llevar mi caso sobre green card por matrimonio, nos dieron una lista con todo lo requerido, tuvimos dos reuniones con los abogados y mandamos mi aplicación en abril 2022, recibí mi solicitud de biométricos en junio 2022, recibí mi permiso de trabajo en octubre 2022, y me aprobaron la green card en abril 2023. Casi un año después, no tuve entrevista. Gracias abogado Solomon por siempre estar pendiente a nuestro caso. Recomiendo trabajar con ellos al 100%.

Frequently Asked Questions About The K-1 Fiancé Visa

Are K-1 fiancé Visas ever issued to couples who have not met in person?

There are extraordinary and extremely limited circumstances in which I-129F petitions are approved and Fiancee Visas have been issued to couples who have never met in person.

For example, Fiancee Visas may be issued under rare instances where a couple has not met in person if the petitioner has a severe medical condition that makes it virtually impossible for them to travel. In this case, the petition would require that a waiver of the in-person meeting be requested and granted.

Can K1 Visas be extended or renewed after the initial 90 days of entry if there is no marriage?

No. If there is no marriage within the 90 days of entry, there are only two legal options: 1. If the couple still wish to marry, they could still marry each other but must then file an additional petition at the time of the filing for the adjustment of status to a marriage green card. 2. If the U.S. Citizen and fiancee have decided they will not marry at any time in the future, the foreign fiancé must leave the country immediately.

If the foreign fiancee leaves the country, they may not re-enter the U.S. again under the same U.S. fiance Visa. They may, however, re-enter the U.S. after approval of a completely new K-1 Visa by starting the entire process again with the same Petitioner or a new Petitioner. 

Can I work with a K-1 Fiancé Visa?

Yes, after you marry you can apply for a work permit by completing Form I-765 (Application for Employment Authorization) at the same time you file your I-485 Form (adjustment to Legal Permanent Resident status aka the “green card”). Once issued, your work authorization is valid for a maximum period of 5 years or until your marriage green card is issued. Once the green card is issued you no longer require a work permit to work. If you have additional questions reach out to an experienced immigration lawyer for more detailed answers.

Can I travel once I enter the United States with a K-1 Fiancé Visa?

You may travel within the United States after you enter. However, you may not leave the United States until after you marry, apply for, and receive, a travel permit by completing Form I-131 (Application for Advance Parole) at the same time you file your I-485 Form (adjustment to Legal Permanent Resident status aka the “green card”).

Once issued, your travel authorization is normally valid for a period of 1-2 years, unless it is issued a “combo card” (with work permit) and may be renewed until your marriage green card is issued. Once the green card is issued you no longer require a travel permit to re-enter the United States.

Can same-sex couples apply for a Fiance Visa?

Yes, same-sex couples can apply for a Fiancé Visa (K-1 Visa) to the United States. The process is the same as for opposite-sex couples. As long as the couple meets the eligibility requirements and can provide evidence of a genuine relationship, they can apply for a Fiancé Visa regardless of their sexual orientation.

What are the most common reasons a K1 Fiance Visa might get denied?

K-1 Fiancé Visa applications undergo a thorough examination, which could result in denial for various reasons. Common causes include incomplete or incorrect documentation, medical or criminal issues, poor interview experiences, or insufficient evidence of a genuine relationship.

Discrepancies in provided information or not being able to meet or exceed the income requirements (or not presenting them properly) can also lead to denial, as can failure to resolve previous marriages. All of the above emphasizes the need for visa applicants for meticulous preparation and adherence to legal requirements with the assistance of an experienced marriage visa lawyer to improve your chances of success.

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