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We've helped over 6,100 clients and been through the process ourselves. Let us help you! Schedule a FREE call.

We've helped over 6,100 clients and been through the process ourselves. Let us help you! Schedule a FREE call.

Marriage Visas, Fiancée Visas & Green Cards is ALL We Do.

Representing Clients in All 50 States and Globally
6100+ Satisfied Clients w/ 18+ Years Direct Legal Expertise
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Michael Solomon
Attorney Michael Solomon with Wife Alejandra, who immigrated from Colombia
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Solomon Immigration Law

Fiancée Visas and Marriage Visas

No guesswork

Michael Solomon is an expert K1 visa and marriage visa attorney, with over 18 years experience.

Worry-free process

We've helped thousands of couples like you around the world obtain visas. We make the process smooth as silk.

Quick turnaround

We know you want to be together quickly, so we work fast to make it happen. 

Guaranteed results

Our affordable fees, free initial phone consultation, and money back guarantee give our clients peace of mind.

Choosing the Right Attorney Could be the Difference Between Success and Failure

Let’s face it. This is one of the most important things you’ll do in the next few years of your lives. If you were getting a heart bypass, you wouldn’t want your general doctor to be holding the knife, would you? So why would you want a general immigration attorney to assist you and your loved one, when you could have an entire law firm of people dedicated--day in and day out, 7 days a week—to marriage-based immigration?

Choosing the Right Attorney Could be the Difference Between Success and Failure

Let’s face it. This is one of the most important things you’ll do in the next few years of your lives. If you were getting a heart bypass, you wouldn’t want your general doctor to be holding the knife, would you? So why would you want a general immigration attorney to assist you and your loved one, when you could have an entire law firm of people dedicated--day in and day out, 7 days a week—to marriage-based immigration?

Start Your Lives Together As Soon As Possible

Over the years we’ve developed the most comprehensive boutique, high-touch, premium legal services available today for those going through this process. Whether you're not sure where to start or just want someone to make sure things are done right, let us help you navigate the laws and procedures so you and your loved one can have a quick, simple, and worry-free experience.
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Our clients say

  • "You were right on track in terms of the k1 fiancée visa timeline! Thank you for your honest advice and sincere concern with getting Araya here by the summer…[you] went through exactly what she was about to go through prior to her interview and she was relaxed."

    Michael and Araya
    Park City, Utah and K1 Visa from Cebu City, Philippines
  • Hello from Guangzhou…we just got the visa and are really excited to come back to the states! Your guidance was a big help [for] us. Because of our unique situation, we really did not know if we would be approved. But, Ming was very relaxed and she had a great interview

    Scott and Ming
    New York, NY and K1 Visa from Wuhan, China
  • This was very stressful for her [Katya] and she was being told all sorts of horror stories from friends and the internet…Getting the stories straight from our attorney, helped ease our fears and get us through the months!

    Steven and Katya
    Naples, Florida and K1 Visa from Omsk, Russia
  • I wanted to drop you a note to let you know how much I appreciated your genuine concern in our case…Marlena arrived last week and we are so happy to finally be together.

    Tim and Marlena
    Chicago, IL, and CR1 Visa from Santiago, Dominican Republic
  • I don’t know where to begin to thank you and everyone at your office. Our case was a bit complicated and Terrance and I appreciate your persistence and attention to get things done.

    Linda and Terrance
    Akron, OH and K1 Visa from London, United Kingdom

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Want to know more?

Fiancée Visa

A Fiancée Visa (officially known as a K1 Visa) is a non-immigrant visa that allows the foreign fiancée of a United States Citizen to enter the United States for the sole purpose of getting married.
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Spousal Visa

A Spousal Visa (officially known as a “CR1 Visa or IR1 Visa) is an immigrant visa that allows the foreign spouse of a U.S. Citizen or U.S. Resident to immigrate to the United States.
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Already in U.S.?

A Concurrent I-130 Petition and I-485 filing allows the Spouse of a U.S. Citizen who is already in the United States, and entered lawfully (without intent to marry), to file for a Green Card.
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Your Legal Experts for K1 Visas, Spousal Visas and Marriage-Based Green Cards

About Michael Solomon, Managing Attorney and Firm Founder

With more than 15 years of marriage-based immigration experience, Michael has been recognized by his peers and clients, as one of the top national legal experts focused on Fiancée Visa Attorney and Marriage-Based Immigration Law. He has assisted thousands of clients through the intricacies of the laws and procedures at the USCIS (formerly “INS”), Department of State, and U.S. Embassies all around the world.

He first became interested in immigration law when he met his first wife, a Bolivian national, on a dating website—she ultimately came to the United States on a K1 Visa. His current wife, a Colombian national, was already in the United States on a tourist visa and, after the two decided to wed, he prepared her concurrent filing for her conditional green card and filed for his step-son to immigrate from Colombia on a CR2 Visa.

Schedule a free call with Michael to discuss your situation.
Michael and his beautiful wife Alejandra. Michael went through the immigration process himself when he and his wife from Colombia became engaged.
Over 4,500 Satisfied Clients with Foreign Nationals from Over 80 Countries
15+ Years of Attorney Experience with K1 Visa and Marriage-Based Immigration Law
Attorney Licensed to Represent Clients in All 50 States and All Foreign Countries
Clients with K1 Visa and Marriage-Based Visa Applications in 80 Countries Around the World

don't just take our word for it

We hired Michael Solomon as our immigration lawyer to help with our green card application. Michael was extremely helpful, very knowledgeable and after speaking to him we knew we had hired the right firm. Tamara was our legal who guided through all the paperwork. We had contact with Tamara throughout the process and she was fantastic!! We recently received the green card and have both Michael and Tamara to thank! We would certainly recommend Solomon immigration.
They did an excellent job for me and my husband.
Thank you so much for helping you guys been great, I was so unlucky to marry with someone who just used me for a green card. I feel the unluckiest person in the world.
I had a consultation with Michael,and words cannot describe how helpful he is. You can tell he truly cares about helping people. He works with integrity and precision as he has been practicing marriage based immigration for 19 years. In one consultation, he patiently answered all my questions empathetically, ensured my protection throughout the process and gave me assurance for what to expect. Not only are his prices fare, but he called me on a weekend. If you are looking for a fantastic lawyer who upholds exceptional standards for a fair price - Michael is your guy. Truly impressed & happy I found him.
Gave 100% assistance to the end. From documents needed, to the mock interview. Awesome guidance and response all through the course of the filing. I recommend them for everyone looking for an immigration attorney.
Overall the experience was very good, we got our visa! I wish there was an option to contact someone else at the company other than our paralegal, because they don't always reply.
They articulate it well, and we’re very patient along with being knowledgeable and super informant helping us through the visa process. I can’t thank them enough. Truly a blessing.
Quick and comprehensive! Thanks for helping us navigate the green card process. Also you were very detailed in preparing us and explaining the process to us. I felt we were in good hands.
It took over 2 years, but with the help of Solomon Immigration my wife has her immigrant visa! Great job! Thank you for all your help!
Solomon Immigration law firm is hands a down a Five Star Immigration Law Firm. Words can not express the dedication & expeditiously services that Tamara.V & attorney M. Solomon provides to helping your case reach success. Tamara was always on top of any questions or problems I had concerning my K1 Visa. M. Solomon even worked on a Sunday helping us prepare for our embassy interview. All & all our projected visa date was 16 months but Solomon Immigration cut that down to 10month. Thank you 🙏🏾 guys so much. Chris.S
They did a great job with our case and everything went very smooth and better than I ever could have imagined. Extremely fast and efficient. Catie always answered the phone whenever I called and was extremely helpful. She answered every question I had and always left me feeling great that she was helping my wife and I. Highly recommended. Thank you for everything!
I recently had the privilege of working with Solomon Immigration Law for a K1 visa and I must say that my experience with them was nothing short of outstanding.At the beginning of my case, I was assigned a paralegal, who initially assisted us. However, halfway through the process, she left the company and we were introduced to Rori, who was assigned our case. Rori quickly proved to be a crucial asset. Not only was she exceptionally knowledgeable, but her friendly and approachable demeanor instantly put us at ease during an otherwise stressful time.I really appreciated the level of organization within the firm. Important documents and case details were consistently well-maintained, and it was easy for us to access information whenever we needed it. The K1 visa process is very long and complex, but the way they have everything organized makes it very easy for you to ensure that you gather all the many and various documents that you need.I highly recommend msvisalaw to anyone seeking help with this process. Having been through the process himself, you can be sure the attorney will lead you in the right direction. Having their guidance made an arduous process manageable, and I am so glad we chose an attorney over one of those other paid consultant firms.Another thing to note is that this attorney's office doesn't just take anyone. They take steps to ensure that they are helping genuine couples. So no matter how special your circumstances, if your relationship is genuine, this law firm is the best choice every time!
As an immigrant navigating the complexities of the K visa process, my experience with Solomon Immigration Law was nothing short of exceptional. From the very beginning, they treated me with the utmost care and professionalism, making me feel valued and understood throughout the entire journey.They were always considerate of my schedule and ensured that communication was streamlined, regardless of the time zone differences. This level of flexibility and understanding greatly alleviated any stress I had about the distance and time constraints.What truly stood out to me was how they went above and beyond to accommodate my unique circumstances.I worked primarily with Rori and throughout the immigration process, she displayed a genuine concern for my well-being and future prospects in the country. She made sure I fully understood each aspect of my case, (very) patiently answering all my questions and addressing any concerns I had along the way. This personalized attention and care made me feel like more than just a client; I felt like I had a dedicated advocate on my side.Moreover, the attorney, Michael Solomon, exhibited a deep understanding of the intricacies of immigration law, and he confidently navigated any challenges that arose during my case as he ensured that I was prepared for my consular interview. This expertise and knowledge brought me immense peace of mind and made me feel entirely confident on interview day.If you're an immigrant seeking legal assistance with a K visa, these guys are the real deal. I am forever grateful for their help in bringing my little family together.
Michael and Tamara helped me take care of a slightly complicated marriage visa. They helped steer me in the right direction and made sure everything was in order. I was able to get my green card approved within 8 months of our initial filing! I am beyond happy with their service.
My wife and I are so glad we chose Solomon Immigration Law to represent us through such a long and complicated process. We couldn’t imagine doing this without them!Attorney Solomon and his staff have been amazing to work with and have personally guided us through the process every step of the way! We couldn’t be happier!Don’t think about it! Just go with them! They will take great care of you!Looking forward to beginning our Post-Marriage process!Thank you guys!Adam and Julia
My husband (USC) and I (beneficiary) applied in March 2023 for spousal GC with the help of Solomon Immigration. We can’t recommend them more. The process was smooth and quick. Catie was always ready to answer our questions and Mr Solomon reviewed our case with promptness. We were lucky to receive a positive decision in about 2 months! If you work with them, you are in good hands.
Solomon Immigration's team is top-notch. Response time and knowledge was invaluable during the long K1 process. We were approved with no issues or unnecessary extra requests from USCIS or NVC. Thank you to your team!!
So easy and simple. It was almost too simple that we didn't know to believe the good news when we were approved! The cost was well worth the peace of mind and confidence knowing that we were in good and capable hands. Well worth the cost and honestly was such a stress-free experience.
Rori siempre estuvo para escucharnos y responder todas mis dudas. Me llamaba cada que le pedía y siempre recibí la información correcta con ella, me dio calma poder hablar con ella días antes de la entrevista ya que tenía algunas preguntas.
Applying for residency can be very stressful! Tamara was extremely helpful and responsive to any questions we had and guided us along the way. Our case was approved without any issues!From the beginning you feel like you’re in good hands.
I have the best experience with mr.Michael and his law firm , my fiancé got his K1 visa without no issues or any problems,Even tho I applied in middle of this Pandemic my fiancé came less then 12 months fromWhen we applied ,the law firm was so knowledgeable about the process and they are great in communicating ,anytime I needed they would respond right away.I will definitely take mr.Michael for my fiancés green card process and also I would highly recommend him to anyone who is trying to bring their loves to USAUpdate on my green card process 05/26/2023 with Mr.Michael and his team.After my husband K1 visa we trusted the team to counting with his Green Card process my husband process took only 10 months to get his green card the law firm was amazing I would highly recommend them they are very organized and commutative whenever I needed something Tamara responded really quickly and answered all my questions thank you guys for everything you did.
My wife just received green card. It took year and few months but since we submit all the document, it was very quick, less than a year. Great support by Solomon immigration office.
Solomon immigration law’s team took the time to explain the process and requirements needed for a successful outcome. Rori handled my case professionally and efficiently. I'm so very grateful to got my green card.I hardly recommend Rori for any immigration cases.Lucie
Very good experience. They were knowledgeable, professional, and reliable. Would definitely recommend! And Rori was great!
I recommend Solomon Immigration Law one hundred percent! It is a very prepared team and they are very well organized. It was easy to look for everything that was needed for the case because they explain it to you very efficiently and professionally. What amazes me the most is how fast they are, they answer any questions, they are aware of everything and when I needed to talk to them they were always available. I always felt safe and that is the most important thing. I will definitely continue doing my processes here, I am totally satisfied and happy with the results. Thank you so much!
In 2019 I hired Solomon Immigration Law to assist me with a k1-visa. From the first encounter until this very day, all the staff and Mr. Solomon have been very helpful and professional. Every time I had a question or was unsure about things that was asked during the process they were always there to assist me. Now people say, that you do not need a lawyer, and that you can do all this on your own. I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THIS AT ALL. The reason is that certain situations and request came from governments in other countries that do not apply to the requirements of the USA. This is when I found Mr. Solomon and his team was of great help and comfort. I highly recommend this agency to anyone who is looking for a lawyer who knows this business very well, including his staff. I wish Mr. Solomon and his staff much more business, success, heath and happiness in years to come. Me and my partner would like to thank you and your staff for giving us the comfort and support we needed. Thanks.
Nothing but wonderful things to say about the experience. Not only did they help us maneuver the complexities of the entire process but the process began at the height of COVID. We were both living in the Middle East at the time so throw that additional factor in the equation. Each member of the Solomon Law Team was active in our endeavor and helped with questions, concerns, and insight to make our dreams a reality. I can happily say wife is with me in the States, has received approval on her Green Card and her next stop is full citizenship. Thanks Solomon Law for everything.
Tuve mucha suerte al escoger al abogado Solomon y su equipo para llevar mi caso sobre green card por matrimonio, nos dieron una lista con todo lo requerido, tuvimos dos reuniones con los abogados y mandamos mi aplicación en abril 2022, recibí mi solicitud de biométricos en junio 2022, recibí mi permiso de trabajo en octubre 2022, y me aprobaron la green card en abril 2023. Casi un año después, no tuve entrevista. Gracias abogado Solomon por siempre estar pendiente a nuestro caso. Recomiendo trabajar con ellos al 100%.
Solomon Immigration Law is very professional and helpful people!. They give you lots of opportunities and ideas how to accomplish your requests. They provide information at your interests, Thank to them my fiance, refuge from Ukraine war is here now with me, and became my husband!!!. Thank you Michael and big thanks to Catie Camargo for her tremendous help with filling documents and and organizing my hectic paper and understanding my broken English! Thank Michael for good suggestions, providing in right time. I will be recommending this office in future and continue consulting with them for my future projects. Thank you again and continue your very needed to people work!!!Olga Kolpakova.
I can not say enough good things about Micheal Solomon and Tamara. They were so helpful getting our K1. They are very thorough and precise in the process. My wife has many friends that have done this same process. Our was completed faster and without any delays. Thank you Micheal and Tamara!
Very easy and clear process. Everything is done online. Very structured and methodical. We got our greencard in record 2.5 months!
They successfully helped us navigate the process and were always there to answer any questions. We are very happy with their services and would highly recommend them. Thank you!
Very competent and helpful throughout the whole process. Highly recommend!
Great comuication worked with us all the way recommended. Thank you Rori for all your help and support.
Clear, professional and great to work with. They deliver requests on time and are there for you when needed. I would recommend to work with this team to anyone.
Hi, I just want to say that my husband and I was a recent client with this Law Firm. They really helped us a big time on our case. They took our case way back in 2019 prior to covid. Even though the pandemic hit us hard and our case was delayed due to embassy closure , still this firm reassured us many times and made sure we are being updated of the situation. I recently received my greencard with two years validity. I will difinitely have them file my renewal of green card again once dealine approaching . I highly recomend this law firm for immigration cases. They will really guide you and prepare all documents even do mock interview with you prior to your interview with embassy. Their paralegals is really good in communication and always have answer for us. Also, Not to mention they have reasonable price depending on your case.
Tamara was great help all throughout the process. She kept us up-to-date on where we stood, was always clear with what changes we needed to make on documents, and had prompt communication when we had questions. She made a stressful process much more relaxing than we anticipated.
The premade fill in the blank packets made document gathering and filing less stressful and more convenient which is a lot when dealing with government. My wife and I would recommend.
Thank you for your help in obtaining a visa and a green card! Your team is really professional and was always in touch, answered questions and supported us throughout the entire period of waiting for documents. I recommend!
I had a wonderful experience working with Solomon Immigration Law. They were easy to work with and guided us through everything quickly. Would absolutely recommend!
Thank you Mr Solomon and team for making a stressful process with my immigrant visa application much easier to navigate. All steps and processes were well explained to us and you ensured we were prepared and up to date every step of the way. Your professional service and kindness went such a very long way and I appreciate all you have done for me. Looking forward to arriving in the USA soon. Highly recommend you and your team to anyone in need of immigration services.
Still trying to figure out which visa to get before we hire Mr. Solomon, but he answered many of my questions in our consultation. He will be my lawyer when I decide which visa we are getting.
We would like to thank Ms. Rori Rivas and Mr. Michael Solomon for their hard work and help throughout the visa process. Mr. Solomon, Esq and his team have previously been instrumental in helping create our life-changing, thirteen year long marriage together. The advice and services provided are, in our opinion, an absolute necessity to navigate the exacting bureaucratic requirements of the USCIS (U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services). Mr. Solomon and team's detailed knowledge of immigration law, along with his extensive experience helped us every step of the way and continues to do so as new chapters of this life unfold. Do your spouse and yourself a favor and avail of his unmatched services. Highly recommended! Thank you, Rori! Thank you, Michael!
Great lawyer to work with! I got all my cases done in the right way.
Rory was incredibly helpful and made a very complicated process simple. She helped with every step of the way and answered every annoying question I had. Cannot recommend her enough!
This process takes a long time. What I like the most is that Solomon Immigration stayed with me the whole time and answered questions whenever I needed help. They gave us the list of all the correct documentation needed, always answered my questions and prepared us for the final interview. Rori is an excellent employee, very kind and very helpful. I’m very happy with my experience. My money was well spent.
Dear Solomon immigration and the team,You guys don’t have any idea how appreciated I am for your help. Words are not enough but even though, I have to say that the way you supported me to bring my fiancé is beyond my imagination. My fiancé is so excited that his green card is approved and he truly wants to appreciate entire team as well.
My experience with Solomon immigration law was awesome and I will recommend if anyone is applying for fiancé visa or others visa.Solomon immigration law was always there to help they are quick with replies or any concern, they are best and no 1. In pandemic it was impossible to get visa but with the help of Solomon immigration law I got the fiancé visa, and even I applied for the green card and finally my green has been approved, thank you very much and appreciated for your hard work Solomon immigration law and team.
Mr. Solomon and his entire staff were nothing short of exemplary, and I highly recommend him for the services that he provides.Mr. Solomon and his staff were very clear as to what was required at every single step of the Immigrant Visa process. He was always available for chatting or questions (which I had a lot of), and his staff were just as responsive and helpful. When we had to add our co-sponsor, Mr. Solomon made the process simple and quick for them, and there was no delay at all.The service to upload documents as well as to provide information for all parties involved was also very good: it was all online, save the need to mail a few documents, and the website worked flawlessly and was very responsive and informative.In short, I highly recommend Mr. Solomon's service for obtaining an Immigrant Visa to the United States.
I can’t thank Solomon Immigration Law enough for helping us through the immigration process to get a Green Card!! They’re quick with replies, they take the time to explain every step of the way and their work is punctual and correct so there will be no unnecessary denies or delays in the process. I can recommend everyone trying to get a Green Card to do yourself a massive favor and to obtain them in order to get through this complicated journey without worries.
Our experience with Soloman Immigration Law and it's staff was top notch. In the initial consultation they walked us through the process of obtaining a K1 Fiancé VISA back in 2010 and explained the timeline. They answered all of our questions candidly and confirmed our expectations. During the process they helped guide us step by step to produce the relevant documents required for the application. Due to their diligence, we obtained the VISA quickly and on time. Here we are 10 years later and my wife is ready to become a citizen. We've engaged Michael again to process our application. The cost is very reasonable for this service and in my opinion it's better to have Michael's office do the application properly the first time rather than submitting myself and finding out I made some errors or have an incomplete App. I'm fully confident in their abilities to satisfy our needs in the most efficient manner possible. It really eases the tension to know a trusted ally like Michael has our back. Save yourself time and money by trusting Soloman Law for all of your Immigration Law needs.
I had a good experience, stressful for the length of embassy processing time, but Rori saved the day and was awesome.
We have got one of the best legal advise and service form this firm. I will highly recommend taking their service
Attorney Solomon was great very professional, informative and very knowledgeable. The information and resources he directed was on point. I rate him as a excellent lawyer.
Michael and the team have been nothing short of amazing. The immigration process is long and difficult but Michael makes it easy. He has been there for us along the way to answer any question no matter how small and make us feel as ease. I would 100% recommend Michael and his team for your immigration needs, you won't be disappointed.
Everybody was great and the price is amazing for thr services provided!
Solomon immigration Law is a reliable immigration law firm who worked tirelessly to see to it that my visa got approved. They're good at their job as they answer my calls and are willing to go extra miles to gain information if issues arises. I'm satisfied using this law firm.
Was a reliable immigrant visa firm at getting my wife visa approved. Answered my calls and willing to go extra miles to gain information if issues occurred.
Excellent Law Firm…Tamara did a tremendous job with helping us through the process
Mr. Solomon makes a very complicated, time consuming, unapologetic, impersonal, bureaucratic nightmare, that is the US immigration system, into something doable. Without a doubt, I could not have navigated the maze of paperwork, legal steps, and legal jargon without Mr Solomon. My wife and I made many mistakes, which could have added months to our wait time, and Solomon caught them all, made corrections, and navigated us back on track saving us months of time. He takes the time to make sure you understand everything, when I felt I called him more times than I should have I apologised for it; he said "Kevin, I'm your lawyer, I'm here to help you, don't apologise, it's what I'm here for"... Yeah this is the kind of lawyer you get with Mr. Solomon. If you want to get your paperwork done right, on time, and be treated with respect and patience them Mr. Solomon is the lawyer you need.
Michael and his team (Tamara) have been tremendously caring, helpful and supportive during the whole process and the time it took to get my Russian Fiancee to the USA. Their kindness was only matched by their effectiveness and capacity to adapt to new challenges. I could not recommend them enough.
Michael and his team did an amazing, highly recommended !!!! We did our visa through Covid so even when the office staff was limited someone always responded... We will be retaining Michael when we move to the next phase.
Mr. Solomon is very helpful in our K1 journey especially the mock interview we did. I highly recommend his services. More power to this law firm. Thanks a lot ☺️
We Very much appreciate all the hard work to process the immigration information. Very professional, accessible and competent in knowledge of immigration. We are thankful to have found this attorney. They have made our life and our deep concerns less stressful. Definitely worth hiring this agency. They are amazing! Solomon Immigration Law went above our expectations.Thanks so much for being there for our family!The Hogan’s
Great communication and helpful whenever we asked questions.
He is best lawyer for fiancé visa ,very helpful and always respond my every doubt and helped me when ever I needed, finally my fiancé arrived in USA thank you Solomon your best and professional lawyer
Would like to say a HUGE thank you to Michael and everyone at Solomon Law Offices. We couldn’t have asked for a more compassionate and honest team to assist us in our process.Michael himself is extremely hands on, knowledgeable, and precise in all of our experience with him and definitely met and exceeded expectations with his talent and capability.We would highly recommend you look no further for your immigration needs.
After two consults there was no debate or question of who we'd hire. Michael is truly the best of the best. Even during a global pandemic, he still managed to get my family member home in a timely fashion. From paperwork to prep work he was very accurate and detail oriented. For any sort of immigration issues, Michael is your guy. Thanks so much Michael we are truly so grateful for all you've done.
Pardon my previous review was for anotherlawyer same name..
Michael is an excellent choice if you need a immigration attorney.
I can’t recommend Michael Solomon’s services enough! Michael and his staff made what could be a very difficult process as easy as possible. Once his office prepared and submitted our packet, they monitored any communication we received from USCIS and advised us on how to proceed.Michael’s USCIS interview prep was also immensely helpful. My husband and I felt confident going into the interview, and I fully believe that Michael’s preparation of our packet was a large part of the reason we were approved. We were only asked for two additional documents, and we knew what those would be beforehand thanks to Michael’s expertise.This isn’t a process you should try and do on your own! Allow an expert to help you and I promise you won’t regret it.
I want to recommend Michael Solomon and his team. they helped us with the visa k1. they were super helpful and professional. I had so many questions and they always helped me.
Thank you for preparing us so well and for all the paperwork preparation! From the very beginning, you ensured that we went about everything with meticulous detail and made us feel less anxious about the paperwork process. Your interview preparation was very useful in that we walked in to the USCIS office absolutely calm, ready for anything. Thank you for answering all of our questions and helping us throughout the process.
I and my fiancé are very happy and satisfied.Thank you so much for all the help you given us! ♥More power!!!!
So far everything has been very smooth and Mr. Solomon and his team have made this process very easy and done an awesome job at answering all our questions during a climate where the president is constantly changing immigration laws. My wife and I are very grateful to have him as our legal attorney and are a lot more confident during this process versus if we went through the USCIS machine all on our own.
Michael is knowledgeable, professional, responsive, ethical, pragmatic and down-to-earth. I couldn't ask for any more in a lawyer.
the best great guy great service. Harold
Michael Solomon is a top star immigration lawyer. He has helped me every step of the way during my fiance Visa process. He is always available and very helpful throughout the process. Michael Solomon is very knowledgeable about the Visa process and information needed to get everything done the right way. He was available and ready to help me anytime I had any questions or needed help with my Visa, he even took my call and helped me on his vacation in the Bahamas. Now my fiance is here with me in the US and I am grateful that I have found Michael Solomon Immigration Law throughout this process. I would recommend Michael Solomon Immigration Law to everyone out there that is looking to bring your fiance to the US. During this hard time, Michael Solomon is here and available to help you in every way he can to make the Visa process easy for you.
Michael Solomon helped us since I applied for the K1 Visa for my Fiancee. He made sure that the documents submitted to United States Immigration was accurate and correct. He prepared us for the conslate interview and we were ready. The interview was smooth and we had no problems getting the VISA, Also, he helped throught the entire process when we went to consutae for the interview. Michael was always available for us and he applied for the adjustment of status for us as well. The process was smooth and very accurate. Now, we have our interview scheduled with immigration for the adjustment of status and he prepared us for this interview as well. I recommend Michael Solomon and I am very pleased with his work. Thank you Michael.
Got our Visa approved in spite of numerous major challenges including a petitioner form a travel ban country.Had a great experience. Michael & his staff were extremely attentive and supportive. The convenience of online appointments for phone consultations. He was always available and willing to help.
The best immigration law service. Answers all the questions and gets the job done. Friendly and personable. Highly recommend.
Michael is a great attorney, very kind and professional. Any questions we had going through our process were always answered and Michael was always willing to jump on the phone with us to put our minds at rest. Immigration processes are challenging and stressful at times and I don't think we could have done it without him, his years of experience and understanding of the procedures made us sure we'd picked the right attorney.

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